How long do red wolves live ?

In captivity, a red wolf lives up to 16 years, in the wild, much less. Little is known about the marriage period and reproduction of this beast. The pairs of red wolves are monogamous, both parents participate in the rearing of offspring.

After the pregnancy, which lasts about two months, the female brings from 5 to 9 puppies covered with dark brown wool. Cubs grow quite quickly, after six months reaching the weight of an adult, and sexually mature at the age of one year.

Red wolves live and hunt in packs of 5-15 individuals, are active during the day. Very rarely hunt alone, much more often a well-organized flock. Predators feed mainly on large ungulates – antelopes, deer and goats.

The method of capturing them is to persecute the animal for a long time, until it is exhausted. When this moment comes, the flock lashes out at the prey, starting to eat it extremely quickly, without waiting for the victim’s death.