How long do reindeer live ?

The maximum lifespan of domestic reindeer is 25 to 28 years, wildlife is probably less. Horns appear at the age of 2 weeks. At the age of 2 months, the young one is already changing the spotted infant dress (the spots are, however, not always) on the adult. The calf sucks fat and dense mother’s milk until late autumn. With his mother, he walks, as a rule, 2 – 3 years. At the age of 5 – 6 years the deer reaches its heyday. Females bring young to 15, occasionally 20 years.

In adult males, the dropping of horns occurs after the rut, in young people not taking part in the rut – in the middle of winter. Females retain horns until calving. New horns in males are formed by August and in mid-September they are cleared of fur. In females this process ends only by October.

Reindeers have good sense of smell, decent hearing, but poor vision. In the herds they are guided by the behavior of leaders – males and females.

Reindeer can take food from under the snow to a depth of 120 cm, but at a depth of 70 cm they lose too much energy and lose weight. In this regard, animals prefer to look for little snow places.