How long do rhinos live ?

Rhinoceroses live for a long time, even by human standards, – up to 70 years. But few of them live to such an advanced age. A person who has extracted the horn of this animal can earn a lot of money, so fighting poaching is extremely difficult, and rhinos in the coming years are threatened with complete destruction.

Rhinos live in Savannah, tropical forests, swamps, coastal thickets. They lead a nocturnal life. In the daytime they rest, lying in mud or standing in the shade of bushes, and with the onset of twilight they come to graze. These powerful animals feed mainly on grass and young shoots of shrubs.

Rhinoceros live alone more often, but sometimes they form pairs or small herds. Each rhino has its own individual site, which protects from other males. The only rhino that does not have its strictly individual plot is black.

Vision of rhinos is very weak, even at a distance of 40 meters they can not tell a person from a post. But they have excellent hearing and sense of smell.