How long do Salamanders live ?

Life expectancy varies for different types of salamander. The smallest individuals live from one to several years. Large salamanders live on average 20-30 years, and the Chinese giant – more than 50.

 Both water and land salamanders need moisture for life and reproduction: the female lays eggs in water, and its larvae lead an aquatic life. The salamanders try to hide from the heat: they are mostly active at night, and in the daytime they hide in dark and damp places.

 The age of puberty comes to 3 years. Salamanders breed the whole year, but more often in the spring. After internal fertilization, eggs develop inside the body of the female (egg production). Some types of salamanders are egg-laying (they lay eggs).

 Ten months after fertilization, 10-50 water larvae are born in the female. As larvae grow, they form lungs. After 3-4 months, when the lungs fully develop, young Newts creep up to the shore and become land animals.