How long do Scorpions live ?

Scorpions live from two to as long as 25 years in captivity. Some scorpions can survive the whole year without food. Other scorpions can live for two days under water or survive long periods of cold. They generally live between 2-10 years, but some could live as long as 25 years!

The heart is placed on the dorsal side in the pre-abdomen and lies between the lobes of the liver, lying in a special shell that delimits the pericardial cavity filled with blood. It has the form of a long tube, divided into eight chambers. Each chamber is provided with one pair of slit-like openings (ostia) with valves; At both ends the heart continues into the two main arteries: the anterior one, heading towards the head, and the back, going to the postabdomen; In addition, from each chamber leaves another pair of lateral arteries.

The two branches of the head artery form a vascular ring around the esophagus, from which a large artery stretches over the neural chain. With a contraction of the heart, the blood enters the anterior and posterior aortas and from them into the smallest vessels and finally gathers in two longitudinal abdominal sinuses, then it goes to the pulmonary leaves, is oxidized there and returns to the pericardium by means of special channels, and from there through Gap in diastole back to the heart.