How long do sea turtles live ?

The life span of sea turtles is long, many of them live longer than 100 years. But adult tortoises sometimes die, becoming victims of sharks, predatory fish and poachers. For example, the meat of a green sea turtle photo, which is listed in a red book, is very tasty. Sea turtles can be kept at home. Home sea turtles are very unpretentious.

For a sea turtle you need an aquarium, which you can buy at a pet store. On how to care for sea turtles, what to feed them and about their contents will tell you store consultants.

The floor of future sea turtles depends on the temperature of the sand in which the masonry is buried, at a lower temperature the males develop, at a higher temperature the females (if the temperature is too low or high, it leads to death).

Water and semi-aquatic turtles can swim at a speed of 25-35 km / h, and run along the earth at a speed of 10-15 km / h.