How long do seals live ?

The average life expectancy of a seal in the wild is twenty-twenty-five years. Seals in captivity have known to live for the past thirty years. Ordinary seals usually inhabit rocky places where predators can not reach them. The total population of seals ranges from 400 thousand to 500 thousand individuals.

Fishing for seals is disgustingly simple – the cubs are simply beaten with sticks in front of a helpless mother. And “raw materials” are harvested in such quantity, which in modern times is simply unjustified. Southern species of seals because of the desert of the Antarctic lands do not have enemies on land.

But danger awaits them in the water, where seals can kill killer whales. Some species of seal are on the verge of extinction due to the destruction of natural habitats. For example, a monk seal is deprived of its rookeries, since the coasts of the Mediterranean are almost 100% occupied by human infrastructure.