How long do servals live ?

In the wild, servals average life span is about 10 years, in captivity – up to 20. Serval live alone. The male usually controls the territory up to 30 square kilometers, the female – up to 20. Mating at the servals is not confined to a certain time of the year.

Pregnancy lasts from 66 to 77 days and is born from one to four kittens, but more often two. Females give birth to cubs in abandoned burrows of tubalons (animals similar to anteaters) or in nests among grasses.

Kittens Servalis weigh at birth about 250 grams. They are born blind, but open their eyes between the 9th and 13th days of life. Servals begin to hunt independently from six months of age, and when they are spoiled for a year, they leave their mother.

Serval can interbreed with caracals and domestic cats. Hybrids of serval and caracal are called servicles and caravals. A hybrid of serval and domestic cat (most often Bengal cats) is called Savannah. The breed “Savannah” began to breed in the US in the early 1980s.