How long do sharks live ?

The longest living species is the Greenland polar sharks. So, their age can exceed 100 years, and according to other data – all 200. This is due to a very slow metabolism. Scientists believe that this is one of the longest-lived vertebrates in the world at the moment.

The lifespan of the whale shark is up to 70 years, according to other sources, up to 100 years.

The life expectancy of a giant shark is estimated at about 50 years.

The white shark lives much less, on average, up to 30 years.

The rare pelagic big-mouthed shark, presumably, can survive to 50, and according to some sources, up to 100 years. But this can not be confirmed, since only a few dozen individuals of this species of sharks have been discovered since the discovery in 1976.

The life span of a giant hammerhead sharks sometimes reaches 50 years, but the average is less – about 30 years.

The Mako Shark is one of the most aggressive sharks in general, the maximum life expectancy is just over 30 years for females and slightly less for males.