How long do sheep live ?

It should be noted that for the longest time live English sheep, who lived in the UK at the end of the last century. According to information from the owner, the animal at the age of 28 was able to give birth to a healthy baby, although lived for 29 years. During her life the sheep brought offspring more than 40 times.

This case can be considered a kind of record, in fact, animals rarely live to the present date, because most of them are getting old and can not eat well through the erasure of teeth. These phenomena are especially frequent if the sheep graze in the mountains or on a lawn with sandy soil.

Of course, small animals can survive to 25 years, but for the owner it is not profitable, since the animal can be sold for meat at two or three years of age. The maximum productivity of a sheep reaches 6-8 years from the moment of birth.