How long do shrimps live ?

The average life span of shrimps from 2.5 (Palaemon) to 6 years (Leander). The lifespan depends on the temperature of the water in which the shrimp are kept. At 26 ° C or more, shrimps “age” already in the third year, at 15 ° C they also live no more than 3 years, at 21-24 ° C – 4 years or more. Females grow faster than males.

The body of this exotic pet is semi-transparent, so the color of the shrimp depends on the type of food eaten, and also on the color of the soil. In the aquarium shrimps play the role of nurses, extracting from the ground with the claws of a hidden bloodworm or tubular. Adult individuals do not disdain the corpse of dead fish and rotting leaves of plants.

The process of shrimp breeding is very interesting. After mating, the females lay eggs in the space between the bent abdomen and the lower surface of the breast. Several hundred eggs develop attached to the female body for 20 days. The larvae that have larvae pass through three stages of development before they turn into tiny shrimps.

Growing shrimp is not easy because of the lack of full feed and sensitivity of the young to water pollution. In the process of growth, shrimps molt, discarding the chitinous cover (shell), and at this point they are completely defenseless. One of the interesting mechanisms for adapting shrimps is the ability to autonomy – arbitrary detachment of limbs in the event of danger. After molting, the limbs are regenerated.