How long do Siberian Tigers live ?

The average life span of Siberian Tigers is about 15 years, but sometimes they live much longer. Sexually mature tigers become in 4-5 years. Mating occurs at any time of the year. When the female begins estrus, she leaves marks on the tree trunks with the help of urine. Often the female starts her own search for a partner.

Readiness for mating in a tigress occurs 2-6 days after the onset of estrus. Siberian tigers couple several times. At this time, the tiger and tigress go everywhere together. When the heat in the female ends, the male leaves her and is looking for a new partner.

After 13-16 weeks, the tigress gives birth to 3-4 babies. To see cubs begin in 1,5 weeks, and in a half of month at them teeth grow. At 2 months, babies begin to leave the shelter.

The cubs feed on milk for half a year, but at the same time they eat meat, which is provided by their mother. For several months the tigress prepares the cubs for independence, teaches them to hunt. Help the game to master the necessary hunting skills.

When cubs reach the age of one year, they learn to hunt independently. In 2 years, cubs can cope with large prey. But, despite this, they do not leave the tigress before reaching puberty.