How long do sloths live ?

Life expectancy of sloths in the wild is 10-20 years (in captivity up to 32 years). The cubs of sloths do not cling to the branches, but to the mother’s fur. Their paws are not very tenacious, sometimes they break and fall down. Whether the sloths lack a maternal instinct, or they are just too lazy to descend – but the mother seldom climbs down after her fallen child, which leads to the death of the baby.

And adult sloths can not protect themselves or escape from the predator – they are saved only by immobility and invisibility. On the ground they are littered with jaguars and pumas, in the water – crocodiles, and in the trees – birds of harpy.

People are also enemies of sloths. The local population always consumed meat sloths, considering it very tasty, and made of wool coverlets on the saddles. True, in our time sloth exterminate less.

Often sloths are approaching the places manned by man, and die from electric shocks, clinging to the electric line. Their bodies do not fall down, continuing to hang on the wires. And the sloths who died by usual death rarely fall to the ground, and their corpses adorn the branches of trees, until they are harpied by harpy.