How long do snails live ?

Grape snails in nature can live up to 20 years, but usually live 7 – 8 years. The life span of African ahatin is 7 to 10 years. Water snails of ampullaria live up to 4 years.

Snails in captivity

In captivity, the life span of a cochlea usually coincides with its natural life span. A case is known when a grape snail lived at home for 30 years. In an aquarium, a snail of an ampularia lives for about a year, its life time is shortened with an increase in water temperature.

Snails are widespread everywhere and have an enviable stress resistance.

Snails live in Antarctica and the North Pole, they can be found in hot springs. There are cases when they found live snails passed through the digestive tract of a bird in its litter. For different types of snails, there are different age limits, but they usually do not live longer than 10 years.