How long do snails sleep ?

transfer the snails to a terrarium with dry soil and stop feeding them – the snail safely hibernates and can safely spend 2-3 months in it without any harm to itself.

There are cases when snails revived after a six-month hibernation. Also snails can sleep and during the day – it was noticed that once a day the snails freeze at the surface of the aquarium and react brakes to external stimuli, that is, they simply sleep.

It will be useful for beginners to learn that their pets can go into a state of hibernation. Being in it, they completely draw their body deep into the shell, and the entrance of the shell (it is called the mouth) is sealed with a special sticky substance.

Such a protective film – its specialists are called an epiphragm, is formed with the help of mucus, grains of lime, which produce sebaceous glands of snails, protein substances. Frozen such a film reliably seals the shell and ensures the snail that its peace will not be disturbed.

Snails, as pets, appear more and more fans. Someone turns these creatures out of curiosity, and then gets so involved in caring and caring for them that they can not imagine their life without ahatin.

Someone consciously dares to take this step. In any case, to ensure that your snail was comfortable near you, and you were not tormented by the remorse, that it was you who caused her illness, we invite you to find on the pages of our site interesting information about these pets.