How long do snapping turtles live ?

Snapping turtle in natural conditions live 150 years or more, in captivity, with a good conditions  70-80 years. Snapping turtles are very different from the small turtles known to us. They have a strong body, huge claws and firm jaws, with which turtles can even bite off a person’s hand.

Mating of turtles occurs in water. In early summer, the female usually lays 20 to 25 eggs in a hole, which she digs in the soil near the shore. Then the turtle harbors eggs with earth and leaves for two or three months. If she lays eggs late in the summer, the eggs bugles only come out the next year, when the heat again becomes.

The incubation period lasts 2-4 months. After that, 3-centimeter tortoises appear on the light, which immediately demonstrate their aggressive nature. What can I say, heredity.

They grow slowly. Sexual maturity Snapping turtles reach only at the age of 18-20 years.