How long do snowy owls live ?

In nature, snowy owls live 9 years, in conditions of detention – 28 years. Their natural enemies are foxes and skuas, as well as arctic foxes that eat chicks and eggs.

The owls nest in both high places and low, but give preference to high hills and dry ground, as the bird begins to lay, when the terrain is still covered with snow. The nest is a simple hole in the ground, which the owl lays with vegetative rags and down. Nesting grounds vary from 1 to 6 km2; Owls attack predators already at a distance of 1 km from the nest. Owls stick to old nesting places from year to year, if conditions do not force them to look for other hunting grounds.

Egg laying in May. In the laying, usually 5-8 eggs; In the food years – up to 11-16. Intensive reproduction of the white owl is observed in the years of abundance of its main food – lemmings; When there are few lemmings, a white owl sometimes does not nest at all. Eggs are white, the female lays them one by one in a day or two. In case of loss of masonry, the owl no longer breeds in this year. The female incubates clutch within 32-34 days, the male wears prey to it and broods. Nestlings hatch one at a time, so the chicks in the nest are of different age and the younger often do not survive. With the hatching of several chicks, the owl begins to leave the nest for feeding; In this case eggs and younger chicks warm the elders. On the wing, the cubs are on day 51-57.