How long do sparrows live ?

The life of a sparrow, like many other animals, depends on the habitats. So, these birds recorded the following records of longevity – when living in the city, the minimum life sparrow, as a rule, is 9 months. The reason for this unfavorable conditions for life – it’s cats, and a small amount of feed, and even people. However, the same sparrow, living in the wild lives to 22 years!

After all, in the wild it is easier for him to live – there is food in necessary quantities, there are predators, but there are fewer and they are predictable, because for millennia they have adapted to live together without dying out completely. And no less important, in the wild nature there is no technogenic factor (cars, trains and others).

The sparrow is a small bird, up to 18 cm in size and weighing no more than 35 g. But few realize that this is an unusually intelligent, observant and cautious bird.

Otherwise, she would not choose such an intelligent, unpredictable and dangerous neighbor – a person. A sparrow not only gets along easily, but also learns new lands for himself.

So, for example, after a person this crumb moved to Australia, settled in the north of Yakutia, agreed even to the tundra and forest-tundra, although she does not feel comfortable living there. Now there are few places on the planet that would not have been inhabited by sparrows.