How long do squirrels live ?

On average, squirrels live in an artificial home environment much longer than in the wild. But we must take into account how she lives – how balanced is her feed, what are the temperature conditions, whether the house is well arranged and whether people and other pets are taking care of it.

In the wild, squirrels rarely cross the line at 4 years, and many of them die because of a lack of food or disease in a couple of years. The situation with young squirrels is even worse, up to 60 – 80% of young animals do not experience their first winter. This is mainly due to the lack of sufficient food.

In comfortable home conditions, the squirrels  live much longer, up to 10 – 12 years, and in some cases up to 18. The life span is strongly affected by the place where the squirrel lives – in a cage or in a spacious aviary. Those animals that feel sharpened, will live much less animals freely moving around the living area.

The squirrel lives in small cells usually no more than 8 years. Bad nutrition can reduce their lifespan to just two years. Rodents need daily to eat about 15 g of wheat bread in the form of biscuits, 20 g of nuts and 25 g of dried fruits and berries. Sometimes the animal can be pampered with honey and not very sweet cookies. Do not give the squirrel more than 45 – 50 grams of food per day.