How long do starfish live ?

The life span of a starfish is up to 35 years. Bottom animals crawling with ambulacral legs, usually equipped with suckers. Ubiquitously inhabit the oceans and seas to a depth of 8.5 km. Most of the sea stars are predators, feeding mainly on mollusks, marine dolines, polychaete worms and other invertebrates. Some eat plankton and detritus; There are species capable of catching prey with pedicellaria.

Having discovered a bivalve mollusk, the star of the sea grabs his shell with his hands, sucked to it with ambulacral legs, and at the expense of muscle tension he opens the sash. The lower stomach turns out, penetrating into the shell, envelops the soft parts of the mollusc and digests without swallowing. Liquefied food is then drawn into the body.

Organs of the senses: red eye spots on the ends of the rays and tactile skin endings. Marine stars have a strong ability to regenerate: the restoration of torn rays. In addition, part of the starfish, which includes a fairly large piece of the central disk, can grow into a full-fledged animal. Especially noteworthy is the genus Linckia, in whose representatives the detached ray is able to develop into a new organism.