How long do stick insects live ?

Stick insects average life span is about about one year. In nature they live in the tropics, where the change of seasons is negligible, but there comes a period of drought, when vegetation is dying.

“Stick insects” is one of the best hidden insects in nature. While in the forest, do not be surprised to see that the thin part of the twig on the branch suddenly comes to life and slowly leaves on six long, spindly legs.

This is not a miracle, but an insect. Not only does this insect look like a rod or branch, it can still change color under the background. In addition, when these insects are alarmed, they become immobile so that it is impossible to distinguish them from twigs and branches. In addition to camouflage, this insect has another defensive capability.

It can emit a foul-smelling liquid to repel the attacker, or lose a leg if caught for it. Loss of the foot is not a big problem, because a stick can partially restore it. The leg will not be as good as the first, but you need to choose – either the leg or the life!