How long do swans live ?

There are cases in the world that the lifespan of some swans in captivity reached up to 70 years. You can not say about wildlife. In it, the life expectancy of swans reaches 25-35 years. Again, it is very difficult to Wildlife to calculate how many years the swan lives, but up to 70 years, it definitely will not last.

By nature, swans are very calm animals, but they can occasionally exhibit aggressive behavior. If someone is an outsider (for example, another swan, a geese, or even a person) comes too close to their nesting place or to their offspring, swans can chase them. They can bite – not in the usual sense, given that they do not have teeth, but they can still injure the skin, pinching it with their beaks. However, swans, in general, are peaceful and harmless birds.

Male and female externally to distinguish difficult enough. Swans are monogamous, they choose one partner and create a couple with him for life.

Swans begin to multiply at the age of 3-4 years. 2-3 weeks after mating, the female swan lays eggs and incubates them for about 6 weeks, until they hatch. Usually this period lasts from 35 to 42 days. Swans lay up to 10 eggs at a time. Nestlings of swans remain with their mother during the first 6 months of life, until they are strong enough to begin an independent life.