How long do tapirs live ?

In nature, tapirs average lifespan is about 25 to 30 years. The female tapir has been breeding for a little over a year (about 14 months). In the light of tapirs there is one cub, its weight at birth is about 5 kilograms.

The babies are covered with protective coloring: fur has a pockmarked color, consisting of small bright spots on a dark background. Nature has provided this for camouflaging the cubs and protecting them from enemies.

When a child turns 18 months old, he becomes completely like his parents, although the color changes even at the age of six months. Sexual maturity of tapirs comes in 4 years.

Hunting on the plain tapir is conducted by such large predators as: jaguar, crocodile, puma. Because of uncontrolled hunting for meat and skin, and also due to deforestation, the number of flat tapirs inexorably decreases. Of course, this species is still the most common among the relatives, but this is only for now … if we continue to reduce the population of these animals with the same speed, very soon they will disappear from our planet.

Is it possible to admit this? The answer is unambiguous – no! That is why the International Union for the Conservation of Nature brought the plain tapir to the category of animals under threat.