How long do tigers live ?

The average lifespan of tigers in nature is not more than 15 years, but this figure may vary depending on habitat, ecology and natural resources. Despite the fact that hunting for tigers is prohibited, poachers do not stop before the ban and along with other factors contribute to the extinction of these animals.

In the reserves, the life of tigers may be longer, as animal protection organizations monitor their numbers and take effective measures to preserve these animals.

It is difficult to say how much a tiger lives in captivity, but definitely longer than in a natural environment. This is facilitated by the careful withdrawal of specialists and veterinarians’ control, the ration of predators is varied and nutritious, and the conditions of detention eliminate the need to look for food and promote the birth of offspring.

Tigers hate dogs. That’s true. Several points of view serve as an explanation for such hatred. One view is the long feud between the dog and the cat. Another – leaning towards the idea that the dog’s meat for a tiger is very useful and is extremely tasty. In any case, whatever the dog does and wherever it is – noticing it, the tiger and strives to “crush” the animal.