How long do tortoises live ?

The assumption that absolutely all turtles are long-livers is no more than another misconception. It is proved that only one species – the giant Galapagos tortoise, is able to live more than two hundred years. The average life expectancy of other species, as a rule, does not exceed 20-30 years. The Balkan turtle lives in nature for no more than a hundred years, and some individuals of the Mediterranean and red-bellied turtles can live for four decades.

The large turtle has a very slow metabolism, therefore it rightfully belongs to the longest living species on our planet. This animal is able to do without water and food for a year or more. The turtle is characterized by the presence of wrinkled skin on the body and very slow movement speed, as well as the ability to slow and stop your heartbeat, so the aging processes are almost invisible. A turtle rarely dies a natural death. As a rule, an animal dies from a pathogenic microflora or becomes a prey of a predator.

The animal leads a solitary life. The pair is sought only during the mating season or in preparation for wintering. For feeding, land turtles use predominantly vegetable food. Most freshwater species belong to the category of predators and feed on various fish, mollusks, arthropods and other invertebrates. Sea turtles are represented by predatory, omnivorous and herbivorous species.