How long do toucans live ?

Toucans average life expectancy in the wild – up to 20 years. It’s a long time for birds. Toucan are found mainly in the tropical forests of South America. Toucan live in flocks consisting of about five to six birds.

The Toucan builds his nest in hollows of trees created by other animals. As a rule, these birds predominantly nest in the rainforest.

Toucans are omnivorous ( they eat both plants and animals). Their main source of food are fruits, which are abundantly fruited in the tropical forests, where the toucans live. They also consume eggs, insects, reptiles, small animals and nuts.

Their predators in the South American rainforests, as a rule, are large birds and wild cats. Other animals, such as snakes and rodents, can also hunt on adult toucans, but prefer to eat their eggs. Toucan have the biggest beaks, in comparison with the size of their body, than any other bird in the world.