How long do turkeys live ?

The vast majority of domestic turkeys live only a few months before they get to the festive table in the form of a treat. Turkeys grown in industrial conditions usually live for 2 years. If birds are kept for reproduction, then for males this is from 3 to 5 years old, and for females from 5 to 7 years. And then they lose their abilities and their content becomes unprofitable. At home, these birds can live 10 years, and some live up to 15 years.

Common sense tells us that we should never grow these birds together. After all, turkeys are very susceptible birds. Chicken diseases, their microbes and bacteria can have devastating consequences for turkeys. However, many farmers bred chickens and turkeys together without much trouble, even with some advantages.

Small turkeys learn from chickens to drink from drinkers, eat from feeders. Chickens often incubate turkey eggs without making a difference. And after the chicks hatch, they take them to the upbringing.

Chickens acquire next to the turkeys a kind of immunity from Marek’s disease. For turkeys, this is a completely innocuous virus. Turkey needs more protein, for healthy growth. And when the feathers on their tail grow long enough, the hens tend to peck them, down to the blood. On this basis, collisions can occur between them.