How long do vultures live ?

The vulture lives in the wild for 20-22 years. The maximum life expectancy is 38 years. At least such a figure was recorded in captivity.  2.5 months after birth, the chicks stand on the wing. Young people change their plumage to an adult at the age of 5.

These birds form pairs for life. The nest settles on rocks, in caves, in depressions of sheer walls of ravines. It is built from branches. Also used are large animal bones. Inside the tray is lined with leaves, branches with wool, grass. In diameter, the nest reaches 80-100 cm. The egg laying takes place in the spring. It has 2 eggs.

The predator consumes any carrion and garbage. In addition to falling, eggs of other birds can be eaten. For example, eggs of the ostrich, in which the shell is very hard, the bird breaks with stones, throwing them from a height. This indicates the use of tools, but does not talk about reason. The whole process is on an instinctive level. Characteristically, this bird is not at all afraid of man. In Africa, it is not unusual for a feathered predator to sit quietly on the roof of an apartment building or dig in a dump with food waste.

This species always appears near the body of a large animal last. The vulture waits patiently while they eat the vultures, and then starts the meal. These birds are always united in small groups. Sometimes they live in pairs, but they are not found all by themselves.