How long do warthogs live ?

Researchers from eastern Selous, Tanzania have determined that the average life span of a warthog is 7-11 years. Other sources indicate that an African warthog can live up to 18 years.

Warthogs are very vulnerable to extremely low and high temperatures, and also to predators, which accounts for less than 50% of the survival rate of the young in the first year of life. Other common causes of mortality in adult warthogs are predation, human intervention, hunting, and illness.

African warthogs have poor eyesight, but their ears and smell are sharp. In case of danger, the warthog raises the tail in a vertical position as a signal for individuals of its species. During friendly encounters, they rub the infraorbital glands against each other.

Female African warthogs use frequent urination to demonstrate to males their willingness to mate. During the battles, the loser, as a rule, screams and runs away, and the winner leaves him alone. During battles and mating, the warthogs growl and grind their teeth.