How long do Wasp live ?

By the end of summer, the wasps begin to fly from their nest. If the uterus and single females seek a place for themselves to winter, in order to start laying immediately after winter, the workers’ wasps and old uterus simply fly in the direction they liked, which results in death long before the onset of winter. Such wasps live no more than 2 months, and uterus and females at the conditions of a place for wintering – up to 3-4 years.

Despite the large number of wasps, all of them can be identified to two main categories: public and single. The first, as you might guess, live in families, in which the number of individuals can number more than one thousand. They build nests. In families, only the uterus can reproduce with the help of males, and the remaining female wasps are infertile. In the case of single wasps, everything is somewhat different. They live alone, do not build nests and are able to breed.

By the way, when a wasp is threatened, unlike bees, not only the sting is used, but also its jaw apparatus, with which it can bite the attacker. And since their sting has no notches, they do not maim themselves and are able to sting enemies several times.