How long do White Tigers live ?

White, as usual, tigers live on average up to 26 years. In captivity – up to 15 years. In the wild – longer. White tigers are usually smaller (from childhood) than ordinary Bengal tigers, and often, due to closely related crossings, have various genetic defects, including strabismus, poor vision, clubfoot, curved spine and neck, kidney problems.

Nevertheless, the claim that infant mortality among white tigers is extremely high does not really correspond to reality. White tigers are popular not only in zoos, where they are often attracted to everyone’s attention and are therefore considered a valuable specimen, but also in popular culture: in particular, some musical groups dedicated songs to them.

Quite a lot of white tigers live in zoos around the world. Apparently for them this is the best way to survive. It is believed that all these tigers have a common predecessor named Mohan. In 1951, hunters from the environment of the Reverend Maharaja brought him a white tiger cub. Tiger cub was named Mohan and lived in the palace of Maharaja for 12 years. Mohan was married to an ordinary female, but for a long time there were no white cubs until they guessed to make a closely related crossing with one of Mohan’s daughters. As a result, the first white tiger cub appeared.