How long do wolverines live ?

Wolverines average life span live in nature is about 10 years. Life span of this animals is much longer in captivity, about 15-17 years. Wolverines multiply once a year, the mating season for this species is very stretched. Most of the gon passes in April-June, but individual animals can mate right up to October. Despite this, all the young wolves are born at the same time.

The secret of this phenomenon is simple: from 8-10 months of pregnancy the development of the calf lasts only 1-1.5 months, all the rest of the time the fertilized egg is in a preserved state. This period is called latent, it is very typical for many species of cuni. The latent period can be shortened in animals that mated later, so the offspring of all the wolverines appears in February-March.

Since the pairs of wolverines persist for only 1-2 weeks during the rut, the female gives birth alone. In the offspring there are 2-4 cubs, they appear blind and helpless, they only see a month later, and milk feeds up to 2.5 months. For some time the female feeds them with semi-digested meat, then starts driving with them to hunt. Cubs stay near their mother until 2 years old.

In nature, wolverines have few enemies, occasionally they can be attacked by wolves, lynxes, bears, but from these predators wolverines saves innate caution. A much greater danger for these animals is hunger,