How long do Wombats live ?

Wombats live in the wild from 5 to 15 years, in captivity there were cases when wombats survived to 25 years.

The adult wombat has almost no natural enemies. One of the few is a dingo imported by man. In the back of the back, on the pelvic bones, the wombat has a sort of shield that protects it when attacking from behind. There are no painful points. In case of danger, the animals turn their backs and block their hole and thus reflect the majority of the attackers.

Also used wombats and other very interesting tactics. They try to lure the attacker to their own ground. There, in the depths and darkness, the wombat maneuvers so that the enemy is at a dead end. He turns to his enemy’s backside and begins to crush him, like a press.

Since the weight of the wombat reaches 45 kilograms, and clawed hands allow them to rest on the ground and not allow themselves to move, such protection can lead to the death of the attacker himself.