How long do woodlouse live ?

Lifespan of woodlouse is about 9-12 months. They live on land (although some of them keep themselves mainly on the shores of fresh or salt water) mostly in wet places: under rocks, under a tree lying on the ground, in cellars, etc.

In the afternoon they hide, and go out to find food in the evening or at night. They feed on plants, partly decaying, partly alive, and can sometimes cause some harm to garden plants (but they also eat harmful plants).

In case of danger (for example, if you put them in the palm of your hand), the woodlouse can curl into a ball, resembling a watermelon in miniature.

The sex life of the Woodlice has interesting features. Unfertilized females have on the ventral side of the fifth thoracic segment a pair of openings leading to the spermathecas facing the oviducts with a blind end. When copulating (in April or May), the receivers are filled with seeds; After a while they burst at the inner end, and the seed enters the oviducts.