How long do Woodpeckers live ?

The average life expectancy of a woodpecker is 5-11 years. The most widespread and beautiful woodpecker in Russia is a large variegated woodpecker, the average life span is 9 years, and the record was set by a Swedish woodpecker who lived in captivity for 12 years and 8 months. Another handsome man – a black woodpecker or a chill on average lives 7 years, but the longevity record for this woodpecker is 15 years.

In nature, woodpeckers have enough enemies, as these birds do not have protection. They are hunted by hunting goshawks, owls, owls, owls, falcons, nests can ruin magpies, thieves, snakes, squirrels, monitor lizards (in the tropics). A golden woodpecker is considered a game, its meat is highly valued by hunters of North America, the rest of the gastronomic interest is not represented.

In nature, woodpeckers play an important role. On the one hand, they destroy a lot of pests of trees, and precisely those that are inaccessible to birds of other species (bark beetles, sawflies, moths), so woodpeckers are called forest orderlies. But the benefit from them becomes evident only in ripe forests, where there are many old, sick trees, serving as breeding grounds for harmful insects.