How long do worms live ?

According to reliable information, life expectancy at home is from five to ten years. Maximum under ideal conditions is about twenty. In natural conditions, as a rule, the life cycle of the worm is several years and this is due to the difficult conditions of their existence.

The death of earthworms can be caused either by unfavorable weather conditions of heat or vice versa, a sudden onset of frosts, and by their natural enemies. Worms are a delicious food for many animals. It is worth noting that worms are practically unarmed, they can not defend themselves, their only defense is to hide in their burrows instantly.

Moles are the most dangerous enemy of the earthworm, which is its main food. A mole is a very prudent animal, which is engaged in harvesting worms for the winter, making chambers. In them he stores his prey, biting worms so that they do not have the opportunity to hide, but remain alive.

The mole is looking for its prey by its smell. In turn, the worm has a chance to hide, hearing the ground vibrations, published by the mole, while he is laying an underground passage for himself. If the worm does not hide in time, it will certainly become a prey and if it is not eaten immediately, then go to the blanking chamber.