How long do Zebras live ?

On average, in a natural habitat zebra is able to live up to 30 years, because as enemies, in addition to a person it does not have much, for example, hyenas or crocodiles. Lions also often attack zebras, but nevertheless they prefer weakened animals, since a healthy zebra is fully capable of standing up for themselves.

Zebras are divided into species, live in different habitats. It is from this that the duration of their life depends often. I must say that these peaceful animals often became prey to hunters who tried to get their meat and skin. Destruction of zebras led to the fact that one of the species of these beautiful animals disappeared altogether.

Each of the zebra species has its own individual strip arrangement. Grevy’s zebra has very thin stripes. Mountain zebras have vertical stripes on the neck and trunk, but are horizontal on the legs. Some subspecies of plain zebras have brownish “shadow” bands between black stripes.

It is believed that the stripes of zebras perform the function of camouflage. When zebras stand together, it is more difficult for predators to determine how many zebras a group contains. The bands also make the body of the zebra unattractive to small predators, such as bloodsucking flies, which can spread diseases. In addition, the strip serves as a natural sunscreen.

The bands of each zebra are unique. There are no two zebras with the same pattern of bands.