How long is a great white shark ?

A great white shark, is considered to be the largest shark in the world, since its body length is about eight meters, and this shark weighs almost three tons.A great white shark inhabits the World Ocean in coastal waters with a temperature of at least 12 °. This ocean predator avoids freshened and low-salted seas. Especially often this shark occurs off the coast of California.

Representatives of this kind of sharks are able to travel a considerable distance and dive to a depth of up to 1300 meters.

The white shark is called at the expense of its very bright belly, which makes the shark invisible to the inhabitants of the ocean depths in the ocean depth. The coloring of the upper body of the fish merges with the surface ocean waters and also enables the shark to remain unnoticed.

The white shark is another name for a shark that reflects its characteristics, which comes from the Greek words “karcharos” and “odous”, which means “sharp tooth”. Really a great white shark – the owner of a huge mouth, dotted with five rows of triangular five-centimeter teeth, equipped with jagged edges. With the help of the upper teeth, the shark breaks its prey, and keeps its lower teeth.