How many babies do mice have ?

The number of newborn mice babies can be completely different – from one to two to the maximum that I saw, 14. But most often in the litter born from 4 to 8 mice.

Pregnancy in mice lasts from 17 to 24 days. The average delivery takes place in three weeks (20-21 days) from the moment of mating. At first, it’s impossible to notice that a pregnant woman is pregnant. Only in the second half of the gestation and provided that the fruit of the female is more than two, you can see her small tummy. During this period, the mouse begins to eat much more.

During the period of gestation, you need to make sure that the room is not too hot. While she expects the kids, you need to minimize any stresses. If the mouse lives in a company of relatives, it is best to put it in a separate container (not in a cage), where later it will live with the newborn mice.

Before giving birth, the female behaves very uneasily, reorganizes the nest, and launches a wash. She does not need any help during this period, the main thing is to provide the pet’s maximum peace of mind.

Most often, birth occurs late at night or at night. During this process, the female also can not be disturbed. To observe, if very curious, should be carefully and, if possible, imperceptibly.