How many babies do rabbits have ?

No wonder they say that rabbits are very prolific animals. After all, the period of development of rabbits is only 28 – 35 days after insemination of the rabbit, and in the offspring may be more than a dozen or so rabbits.

Unfortunately, such a large litter on a rabbit farm – not a reason for joy, as the rabbit in it will be small, weakly viable. In addition, the female will not be able to feed such a horde, many of the rabbits will die, and those that survive will grow poorly in the future. Therefore, after such osrols it is recommended to leave under the female no more than eight of the most developed rabbits, although in my practice the rabbits were fed and 11 rabbits.

It is quite another matter when a high-milk rabbit in a litter has only 5 to 8 rabbits. She perfectly nourishes them. Such rabbits in the first place should be left on the tribe.

Curiously, there is a conditional relationship between the number of rabbits at birth and the time of gestation. Thus, the most numerous litters are born less than litters with a small number of rabbits.