How many kangaroos in Australia ?

The number of kangaroos in Australia is almost 17 million. But after all, Australia exports meat to kangaroos and representatives of the meat industry give another figure: there are 23 million kangaroos in the country, but it is impossible to accurately calculate the number of animals.

Word kangaroo applied in a broad aspect to all representatives of the kangaroo family, and this is from 46 to 55 species. Includes a family of herbivores that move with jumps, have undeveloped forelegs, and vice versa, extremely developed hind legs, and also have a strong tail helping to maintain balance during movement.

Because of this structure, the animal’s body is in an upright position, leaning against the tail and hind paws. Thus, three types are distinguished: kangaroo rats are the smallest individuals; Wallaby – have average dimensions, outwardly resemble a small copy of large animals; large kangaroos are marsupials of Australia.

They name the largest representatives of marsupials from the long-legged family, which are an unofficial symbol of Australia: they can be seen on the coat of arms, coins.