How many mice in a nest ?


Usually in a nest live 10-20 mice. In summer and spring, field mice are active in the evening and at night. How do vole mouse hibernate? In the autumn and winter time can be active during the day. They do not fall into winter hibernation. As mink can use natural shelters or earth courses.

The burrows of the field mice reach 3-4 m. They usually have 2-4 exits, one of which leads to watering. Dwellings necessarily have a nest chamber and 2-3 store rooms, in which winter reserves are stored. Storerooms are located at a depth of 0.5-1 m.

Reproduction occurs from the beginning of spring to the middle of autumn. In one season, the field mouse brings 3-4 offspring. In rare cases, it brings offspring up to 5-6 times a year. Fattenling lasts 21-23 days. One litter brings 5-7 toddlers.

Babies are born helpless and blind. But they are developing rapidly. 12-14 days after birth, they begin to see clearly. After 30 days after birth, they become independent. Young individuals can begin to bring offspring in 90-105 days after birth.

Life expectancy of the field mouse can reach up to 7 years, but in the wild nature of the mouse live, usually a year or two. And now imagine how fast the rodents can breed in just one summer season, full of heat and plenty of food.