How many teeth do lions have ?

The adult lion has 30 teeth. Despite the huge teeth, the lions do not actually chew food. Instead, they swallow large pieces of meat, using only one side of the jaw. Lions have a very distinctive appearance. Males are much larger than females and have manes. This mane in some subspecies is highly developed and can cover the shoulders, part of the back and chest. Usually the lion has a yellow-gray color of various shades.

The mane often coincides with the color of the skin, but sometimes it is darker, and in rare cases there are lions with black manes. It is by the color of manes that the lion’s subspecies is determined to a large extent. If you do not count manes, then the wool on the body of a predator is short, and only at the tip of the tail is a brush of long hair.

Savannahs are the main habitat of lions. But sometimes they can be found in shrubby areas, and even in forests. Lions are schooling predators. Unlike tigers and other large cats, they do not live alone, but make up special family groups – prides. The usual composition of pride is a group of related females and their offspring, as well as one or more adult males.

The females go out hunting together. Their main game is large ungulates. Males often do not participate in hunting, but they are the first to enjoy prey. The main task of males is guarding the pride.