How many teeth do rabbits have ?


Adult rabbits have 28 teeth. On the upper jaw on each side there are 2 incisors, 3 false and 3 real molars, on the lower jaw, on each side – one incisor, 2 false teeth and 3 real molars. The rabbit has 16 on the upper jaw, and 12 teeth on the lower jaw.

Rabbits do not have fangs. Between incisors and molars between 3 and 3.5 cm, this is the safest place to manipulate when examining the oral cavity. In the mouth of a rabbit, food undergoes poor treatment. The domestic rabbit with the lips gnaws the food with incisors.

The incisors protrude strongly forward, and this helps the rabbit to bite off thin branches and cut off the grass low. An important feature is that incisors in rabbits do not have a root and grow constantly, intensively, throughout their entire life. This makes it necessary to provide him with such food, which it is necessary to gnaw to erase an ever-increasing portion of the teeth. Rabbit owners often observe that rabbits gnaw on a wooden (and not only) part of the cells.

The reason for this is the insufficient amount of solid feed that they receive. In case the incisors are broken, they can grow sharply on the lower jaw upward and to the side, and on the top down and to the side. If you cut off such incisors, they grow up incorrectly.