How much does a Bengal tiger weigh ?

Male Bengal tiger weight is about – 180 – 275 kg (the largest registered weight is 389.5 kg), Females 125-147 (maximum up to 180) kg.  For thousands of years, tigers with a white coloring seemed to people beings, shrouded in a halo of mystery.

Sometimes they instilled fear, often became objects of religious worship. In Kyrgyzstan they talked about a white tiger, which is able to solve all the difficult problems of people. During the ritual dance Kyrgyz shamans, falling into a deep trance, turned to the tiger for help. In medieval China, a white tiger was painted on the gates of Taoist temples to protect against evil spirits.

White Tiger personified a guard of the land of the dead, symbolized longevity. On the Chinese graves, stone statues were placed in the form of a tiger: demons must have been terrified of such a “guard”.

And the Indians believed that if a man sees a white tiger, he will be granted enlightenment and full happiness. It was from India, where the white tiger was perceived as a super-being, quite material, and not mythical, a white tiger set out to travel around the world.