How much does a duck weigh ?

In industrial breeding of ducks, poultry farms with limited walks are used, where distribution of feed, watering, and even manure cleaning is mechanically done. Ducks are fattened for meat and for 50-55 their weight reaches 2.5 kg.

Of course, the above data is far from a record. There are much larger species of ducks. For example, a musk duck, wild populations of which are common in South America. Almost a domesticated version of the bird can be found almost all over the world.

So, wild males are much larger than females, therefore they reach a weight of 3 kg. Ducks weigh up to 1.5 kg. But these are wild birds, but domestic drakes can weigh up to 6 kg, and ducks – up to 3 kg.

Ducks are called several genera of birds of the duck family, which include dives, crumbs, river ducks, etc. In total there are more than 100 species of ducks at present, of which more than 30 species can be found on the territory of Russia.

One of the most popular species is the domestic duck, bred by man. It is a waterfowl that is bred for meat, eggs, liver, feathers and down. It is characterized by increased endurance.