How much does a fox weigh ?

The length of fox body is about 90 cm, fox weighs from 6 to 10 kg. It is flexible and sedimentary. Due to the relatively short legs, the animal can easily creep up to the victim and imperceptibly attack it. Who in the childhood did not listen from the mouth of the mother of fairy tales, in which the main character was a fox? Such people simply do not exist.

In all fairy tales, the fox is described as a cunning red beauty, which can incredibly deceive and eat its prey. And these tales are not far from the truth. Wild fox animals, namely about them now will be discussed, have simply a smart red fur coat, which in the winter becomes thick and lush.

The color of the coat changes, depending on the environment of the animal, from bright red to more pale. The tail is always darker, and its tip is painted white. Such coat color in wild foxes.

Those that are grown especially on farms are often platinum or silver-black (black-brown) color. Such animals are very much appreciated in the fur industry. The foxes are small.

She is slender and mobile.But, despite the fact that the legs are short, they are very strong and muscular, which helps the fox suddenly and far to jump in length. The muzzle of the fox is elongated, with an elegant, thin nose. Ears are rather big, always watchful.