How much does a hippo weigh ?

Hippopotamus is second largest in weight after an elephant. This large animal – the length of the male body is 3.2-4.2 m and the mass is 1.5-3.2 t; females: 2.8-3.7 m and 1.35-2.5 m; length of the tail 35-50 cm. Skin thickness of 2-5 cm is collected by folds on the chest and neck. A massive, squat body; large mouth with a deep cut; the skin at birth is pink, then grayish-brown, hairless.

They perfectly swim and dive, can stay under water for up to 5 minutes, easily move along the bottom. But most of all this animal likes to sleep all day or to rest in the river. A thick layer of subcutaneous fat plays the role of a life-ring. It allows the hippo to swim, spending a minimum of effort.

Nostrils, eyes and small ears of hippopotamuses are located on the top of the head, the nostrils can close. This fat man likes to hide among the river greenery, exposing only the nostrils, eyes and ears. Thus, the hippopotamus can feel, see and hear everything that is happening around it, while remaining unnoticed and escaping the harmful sun rays.

4 fingers are clad in hoofs and connected by a small swimming membrane, which helps to float a hippopotamus. Due to strong sweating, hippos on land lose a lot of liquid. Large skin glands secrete a substance that protects the skin from swelling in water and drying out; skin thickness of up to 5 cm, under it is the same thick layer of fat.