How much does a kangaroo weigh ?

The weight of the male kangaroo is up to 85 kg, the female kangaroo  Рup to 35 kg. Small subspecies of kangaroos are commonly called wallabies. Rat kangaroos grow to 50 cm in length. These animals with long bare tails in appearance strongly resemble a rat. They live in clarified areas such as savannahs.

Gray or forest kangaroo, standing on its hind legs, can reach 1.7 m. Gray kangaroos can move at speeds up to 65 km / h, escaping from hunters or cars. “The big gray”, despite its impressive size, is a creature pretty peace-loving and gullible.

Wallaru, or mountain kangaroo, differs noticeably from other large kangaroos by shorter and squat hind legs, mighty shoulders, a more massive addition and a hairless nasal patch. Vallaru live in hard-to-reach rocky areas of the mountains.

The rough, tenacious soles of the feet give them the ability not to slip even on smooth stones. They feed on grass, leaves and roots, are able to do without water for a long time, and to quench their thirst, they often rip off the bark from young trees and lick the juice.