How much does a lizard weigh ?

Lizards approximately weigh 10 to 30 grams. These interesting animals are very well developed eyesight, many see the world in color. As for the sizes, chameleons or geckos are found, the length of which does not exceed several centimeters, and, for example, the length of the monitor may be closer to three or more meters.

The diet of lizards is the most diverse. Most small tailed animals are insectivorous. Some people like to pick on grass, but, for example, the marine iguana feeds on algae that collects on damp rocks. Some of the large lizards are carnivorous – they catch and eat small animals and even their smaller brothers.

Lizards move mainly overland, but some can swim and even fly almost.

As for reproduction, most lizards lay eggs, but there are viviparous. The maternal instinct is alien to insidious reptiles. Almost all species of lizards after the appearance of offspring stop worrying about him.